In the Porterhouse “Love Fest”, RRR Birthday Celebrations & Haters

Martin from In the Porterhouse is, perhaps, the first DJ of the year to do a “Love Fest” full of romantic numbers here on Reel Rebels Radio. It doesn’t have to be valentine’s day to get a full dose of Nina Simon, Marvin Gaye, Isaac Hayes, The Elder Statesman, Lord Echo, Omar, Christos Fourkis, Prince and more… In very little time we’ll be celebrating our 6th birthday and St. Valentine’s Day (Sunday 14th of Feb) with the live listening of the radio version of Emilia Teglia’s play #haters (#welcome2hackney) live music and djs. Tune in or, if you’re reel rebel family, come down to to the studio and listen in person to the story “where a hipster and a rude bwoy from the Clapton ends find their destinies inextricably fated…” The radio play will be followed by a Q&A with the writer and composer where we tackle themes like”Regeneration vs Gentrification” and question whether the influx of money into the area benefits the people who have always lived here. There’s live music from Ecog-Zero, Rhymestein, John Willoughby and more bands (tbc). There’ll be a load of rebel djs playing throughout the day and evening so please do join us – either on air or in the studio – for Hackney culture and a boogie. Let us know you’re coming!